Could it be... Sea Serpents?


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Aug 2013
Lorraine tudesque
So the big question is a biological one more than anything else: HOW could an existing fish species like the eel develop into such a gigantic and different form like the lindorm type?

Of all the 48 testimonials published in 1886 from Småland county, a major part described animals firmly on land, in bushes, among stones and sun bathing like a snake, including hibernation together with normal adders and grass snakes. It is known that normal eels can migrate over land for some distance but the lindorms seem to behave like lung breathing animals. Although it may be of a type skin breathing in this case, together with an abnormal type of gill breathing. The described "folds" or "sacks" on the side of the head may be enlarged gills perhaps. Just like an angry dog, the lindorms raised the scales/hairs on the back when irritated by humans. When attacked by humans, they could raise their body over a meter from the ground, with a hissing sound.

This a first class enigma.
Your lindorm is the german Lindwurm
Aug 2011
Yes. It would take years to go through all folklore material in dusty archives back home, to find all the stories concerning lindorms and related animals.

Many of the 48 testimonials describe the head as in in the likeness of a pike. Other like an otter head, snake head, dog head or a frog head.

In two cases the lindorms spewed a white stinking fluid from the mouth, when attacked, which sounds like corrosive and bacterial gut material. Which can be nothing else than the lindorm poison/etter of which we read about in old sagas.

In several cases people were reluctant to kill the animal, even with a shotgun, because of old superstition.
Oct 2013
Planet Nine, Oregon
Is it possible that the Loch Ness monster is a pre historic creature that has not gone extinct?
That was thought to be the case --even a plesiosaur, but there is no breeding population or enough food.. And the Loch is relatively "recent". That's the thing that flummoxes folks.. Now an eel seems like more of a possibility.

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