Could State Confucianism work well in a modern state?

Nov 2014
Could it work well if a modern state, like China decided to make state Confucianism its official state ideology and its government's operating system? Basically if China brought back the 19th century imperial civil service exams without bringing back the monarchy, and tried to run the entire government and society based on Confucian lines, like it did before 1905?
Oct 2019
Maybe, if you made it way more egalitarian than it was back then. The Confucian focus on merit could work well in ensuring competent government but you would have to have rigorous systems in place to prevent corruption.


Ad Honorem
Apr 2013
short answer, NO
and chinese government was not run based on confuciansim, not any time. confuciansim is only a philosophy, it does not provide a handbook to run the society. it even did not actually provide lines to be referred as social standards

although i don't actually know what is a "state Confucianism".....