Could've France Won the Napoleonic Wars After 1803?

Was it Possible for Napoleon to Win?

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Feb 2019
Was it possible for Napoleon to win against the Coalition after the resumption of war in 1803? By win I mean completely subjugate Europe's great powers and defeat Britain, since it was extremely unlikely that Britain would surrender without a fight an invasion is pretty much necessary.

What do you think? Also, how would've Europe looked like in the years following this victory.


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Jan 2017
Republika Srpska
Not likely. France was powerful, but not that powerful. And I fail to see how Napoleon would be able to invade Britain without a strong fleet. Napoleon might have been able to keep his throne, but to completely subjugate Europe...yeah, not a chance.


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Oct 2010
I cannot see a lasting resolution by France achived by force of arms subjecticated, Austria, Prussia, Spain, Russia and Birtain. A solelymiliatry victory resulting inteh ocmplete domiance of France of all other powers would be so extrmely unlikely that I would dicount it.

A resolution with a continued Napoleon regime, possible but a lasting settlement of terms not dictated by force of arms would be required, and extremely unlikely given the terms Napoleon sought to impose of the back of his victories.
Apr 2014
Istanbul Turkey
Without a more proper and rational strategy and diplomacy , no it couldn't. All state affairs especiaslly Foreign Relations were in the whims of Napoleon and he had an unique talent of offending evey court or national sensivity around Europe due to his agressivve steak and inability to empatise or see things from others perspective. More and more he addicted war , victories and getting results he wished with military means.The collapse of First French Emire was inevitable under these conditiions. Napoleon even managed to unite unlikiest states as allies like Britain and Spain or Russia and Sweden.....
Sep 2013
Well, after 1803 he won the war of the third coalition. Then the war of the fourth coalition. And then the war of the fith coalition.
He then encountered some issues in Russia... but even in 1813 he could have signed peace... problem is he refused it several times...

So he actually won some of the wars which occured after 1803. Napoleonic warS is not a single conflict with the same countries and the same interests involved.

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