Countries that could have realistically been significantly larger


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May 2016
Portugal if it held onto its colonial empire (they were winning until the coup in the 70's).
Not exactly true about the winning part. Most especially in Guinea-Bissau. On Angola the situation was a status-quo, that couldn’t be maintained for long with the huge military resources involved. In Mozambique the situation was worse than in Angola.

Yep--though integrating that many non-Whites into Portugal would have been one hell of a challenge. This is why I consider this to be unrealistic in the long(er)-run unless Portugal was willing to engage in extreme gerrymandering--and even then, how long would Portugal's colonial subjects have actually tolerated this?
There was a kind of a dream in Portugal, during the New State, to convert Portugal into a pluricontinental country. And this has nothing to do with “gerrymandering”, since that happened for centuries, in Portugal and in the empire. But I agree with you in the part that would be a difficult challenge. Even among the New State elite there were people that envisioned the evolution to a kind of British Commonwealth, as it was envisioned at the beginning, with close ties, but with a partial independence or at least autonomy of some territories. See for instance the book “Portugal e o Futuro” (Portugal and the Future), by Spínola, published in 1973 or 1974, before the revolution. On other words, possible, yes, plausible, no.
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Sep 2011
Denmark if Sweden didn’t break the kalmar union. We would probably call the nation Scandinavia after the region instead of their small nation names
It was the Nordic Union, and the Finns would be in. Scandinavia is also derived from Scandza in Jordanes' "Getica", and if the Danes are supposed to be running this show, really "Scandinavia" wouldn't be what they would go to, since that was rather the classics that the Swedes used to give themselves a sufficiently ancient and glorious pedigree to be a great power as "Goths". The Danes wouldn't touch that stuff. They would rather trot out the ancient "Cimbri" who made Rome tremble etc.
Oct 2016
I know Maryland is just a state not a country but
the original land grant to Lord Calvert gave him the land north of the Potomac River
if the Potomac flowed roughly east-west Maryland would have been a strip between the Carolinas and Pennsylvania
but the river flows northwest, reducing the western part of the state to a three-county panhandle.
he should have specified from the mouth of the Potomac due west; but surveying was very hard those days so they used natural borders whenever possible.


that's why those two Virginia counties are stuck on us like an appendage.
I never did figure out the deal with Delaware. I think Lord Calvert lost it in a poker game.
Mar 2014
Gent, Flanders
I always thought Napoleon created Belgium to break off part of Holland and create a friendly Catholic buffer state
the french did support the revolution in the hope to use it as a bufferstate or annex it later
but the netherlands where united for the first time in century's only after napoleon so wasnt his doing