Countries that had the most and least to gain from WWI

Jun 2017
Fair enough. That said, though, if the goal is merely stability, why not ally with Britain instead of with Russia? In fact, this might have actually happened had WWI been delayed long enough or not happened at all.

Germany would obviously require the Hapsburgs in Austria to renounce their rights to the Hungarian throne. A Hapsburg cadet branch could have took over Hungary in this scenario and renounced their rights to the Austrian throne in the process. The Hapsburgs had a lot of males and thus having some of them renounce the succession in some of their realms would not have been a huge deal for them:

Line of succession to the former Austro-Hungarian throne - Wikipedia

Also, how much people did German Austria have relative to Bavaria? I mean, if Bavaria had more people, then it rather than Austria could have been the leader of the Catholics in a Greater Germany.
I mean at least later on they did try to ally with the UK. Maybe that was the long term plan and they didn't expect things to go the way it did with the naval war. Don't know, good question. But the French allied with Russia of course and they got away with it and got UK support.

I don't think the Habsburgs would be willing to do that to become a glorified fief to their former glorified fief(though I guess some would argue within the Central Powers they became that to some extent). Just didn't make sense for anyone involved.

Bavaria today has more people(about 20-25% more doing guess math in head) but is slightly smaller. Didn't check for 1914 but the difference in power doesn't come from Austria itself being larger and more important but from the collection of territory the Austrian King had outside of Austria. And Bavaria came closer than any third German state to doing that but never happened. The Bavarians tried to become the rulers of Germany during the War of Austrian Succession and were supported by the French so there's a universe where this could have occurred but it didn't work out for them obviously while Frederick's jockeying for power in the same war did work out. Interesting to think about but the door to Bavarian domination of Germany had shut sometime in the 1700s or at the very latest when Napoleon was defeated.
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Jun 2017
I wasn't actually planning on asking the Czechs for their permission to incorporate them into a Greater Germany. Germany could have taken them in by force in order to prevent a huge pro-Russian salient from being created within its territory. A pro-Russian Czechia would be a dagger pointed towards Germany's heart. :( Plus, it would simply be inconvenient for logistical purposes.

Would Russia have actually wanted war?

Fair points, I suppose.

Also, what about a British-German-Austrian-Ottoman-Japanese alliance against Russia, France, Serbia, and Montenegro?
Thirty Years War showed it's better not to be mean to the Czechs. Might get thrown out the window! And Bohemia was part of Austria and the part of their empire causing them the most problems. While they'd been traditionally Protestant as someone pointed out by this point they weren't but that didn't mean they were happy. I don't believe Bohemia was pro Russian? Think the issues with the Czechs were more internal and the Russians were focused on Austrian relations with their Balkans satellites.

Not necessarily but them and Italy certainly had more reason for one then Germany.
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Jul 2011
I have not read the entire thread so forgive me if I repeat what has already been said. I think the USA gained most out of the war. Not intentionally, but the way the cards fell saw the USA in a position of economic and potential military supremacy that was eventually realised during WWII.
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Dec 2011
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What is this a reference to? Chicago's meat-packing industry?
At one time a lot of public High Schools had a novel called "The Jungle" by Upton Sinclair as part of a list of required reading. That book is from the middle of the decade prior to the war, and the novel associated Chicago with slaughterhouses for the public.
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Aug 2013
Lorraine tudesque
Germany gained the most.

No big neighbours left. Like Russia or the A- H. Just small states.
France did not loose WW1 nor did id win. Far to much looses.

Britain was more afraid of the Bolshevik then the German. The US back to splendid isolation.
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