Coup in Sudan!


Ad Honorem
Nov 2010
Western Eurasia
The coup was apparently done by the local "establishment". I would be surprised if he would ever be extradicted and stand in front of an internatinal tribunal as Milosevic. IMO more likely will stay in house arrest/prison in Sudan until he dies or they will let him go to exile in a Gulf country (KSA?).
Jul 2016
Dengie Peninsula
The civilian population are wanting free elections. The army was to rule for another 2 years. The original general in charge had his job for one day and South Sudan is in a perilous state. What could possibly go wrong?
Nov 2010
Western Eurasia
KSA or the gulf do seem to be favoured spots for ex-dictators with a national treasury to spend!
About the national treasury :D

Cash hoard found at Sudan ex-ruler's home

A large hoard of cash has been found at the home of Sudan's ousted president Omar al-Bashir and he is now being investigated for money laundering, prosecutors say.

Security services found euros, dollars and Sudanese pounds totalling more than $130m (£100m).

The ex-leader was placed under house arrest after months of protests led to his removal.

Reports say Mr Bashir is now being held at the Kobar high-security prison.

A source in Sudan's judiciary told Reuters news agency that suitcases loaded with more than $351,000, €6m ($6.7m; £5.2m) and five billion Sudanese pounds ($105m) were found at Mr Bashir's home.

The source also confirmed Mr Bashir was under investigation, telling Reuters prosecutors would "question the former president in Kobar prison".