Crows cleverer than first thought

Dec 2011
Well I guess this post will be buried under a tsunami of spam in a matter of minutes, but here goes.

Not corvids, but cockatoos. Some media outlets are reporting successful experiments with cockatoos cutting strips of cardboard with their bills to use to reach food, the main area of amazement being that they will cut a strip to match how far out of reach the food is. While reported today, it is an experiment from two years ago. Members of the parrot family are as intelligent as corvids, but don't get as much attention. The Daily Telegraph editorial suggests that these intelligent birds may have better brains than us for solving the Brexit conundrum

And people put them in cages :crying::mad::mad::mad:
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Jul 2017
Crows nest
And people put them in cages :crying::mad::mad::mad:
I agree, I think it is indefensible to keep any bird in a cage. Adam Nicolson, in his book The Seabirds Cry, the "cry" can be taken in the sense of a natural call and a cry of distress, raises uncomfortable issues about even keeping them for research. It's a difficult line to tread as if we do not conduct research, then we won't have the information to see how clever birds really are, and they remain "bird brains" in the derogatory sense and treated as if they have very little sentience. Chickens, turkeys and various species of duck and goose are probably doomed for eternity in this regard though.

On research, many birds, corvids mostly, are captured wild and later released. Issues arise with research on homing abilities, were birds, usually pigeons and seabirds, can have anything happen to them from temporary blocking of their "nose" to the permanent cutting of nerves.


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Oct 2016
most people are unaware than Australia is a land of plenty for the parrots families
we have them in all shape an sizes in my garden it goes from the friendly playful lorikeets .... lovely , if frankly dumb, gallahs
to the ultimate bad tempered , kings of the break and enter .....the sulfur crested cockatoos
they are smart with a vicious streak , would fight off a dog and sneer with contempt at a cat
keeping food away from them involve either a lot of thinking or a metal safe
These are supposed to be becoming rarer ... but not where I live . Its surprising how large they are. When walking, sometimes, I surprise them feeding on low tree branches, they get startled and scream out and fly off, when so close to you, you can appreciate their size

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