Dacia weapon during Trajan's war (kind of axe / sickle)

Jan 2015
Whatever that is, it's not Dacian, nor Roman-era. It looks African to me, and might be as early as the 19th century but more likely early 20th.

Medieval bills (polearm weapons, rather than agricultural tools) didn't look like that either, and their ability to "pull knights from their saddles" is way overblown, I'd say. They were shaped that way to cut effectively, that's all. This item is more of a "war sickle", at least the decoration tells me it's more likely a weapon than a tool.

Mar 2017
Maybe just trying to figure out what was the first known weapon with this kind of shape. Is it very new or post medieval or before... If anyone has more hints?
Oct 2013
Planet Nine, Oregon
Anyone could give me some useful links relative to this kind of weapons used by Dacian soldiers during Trajan's war?
I have seen Rhomphaia and Falx links but not this kind of weapon...
Thx in advance
It's very, very similar to the Bulgarian ones from my link. See the middle one in this group:

There are variations. I think it is a modern Bulgarian billhook and not a weapon at all.

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