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Jun 2010
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Teotihuacan was one of the largest urban centers in the ancient world. No one knows who built it

you have got to be kidding me -- is this all we got -- i thought this was all nailed down -- no questions -- --- so where does this leave this project --- another incredible stone site of which we know nothing ---

i guess old man Heyerdahl still has it right

Teotihuacan: Ancient City of Pyramids | LiveScience

What the city’s own inhabitants called the city and its structures is unknown. The current name, Teotihuacan, was given to it by the Aztecs and means “the place where the gods were created.”
Karl Taube, a professor at University of California Riverside, argues in a paper that the inhabitants “had a complex system of hieroglyphic writing,” one complementing the vast and ancient city.
we "think" they had a "complex" writing system --- :sick: -- nay, can't be -- they built this from memory and the usual "construction" talk known as "arm waving"

place comments on another thread -- this one put me off the edge --- again -- gone for the day -- :)