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Ad Honoris
Mar 2009
Archaeology Magazine - From the Trenches - Heads Won, Tales Lost
Last May, a 24-year-old man in northern England with a handheld metal detector found the remains of a stunning bronze-and-tin Roman helmet dating to the first or second century A.D. Within days, he had brought 40-some pieces of the artifact—called the "Crosby Garrett helmet" after the village near where it was found—to Christie's auction house in London. There, restorers began reassembling the helmet, preparing it for sale, even reattaching a rare figurine of a winged griffin that would have perched on the peak of the cap and had broken off.
Aug 2011
Could a large mud building unearthed in Lejre have been a cult place or beer hall of the ancient Viking kings?

interesting Okamids, my Grand son will be doing another vidio of his vinking band this Sunday in park in wooden shelter, a tavern scene, would like to know what a real vinking beer hall looked like:)he`s the drummer:)

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7eho9rjwtkk"]Hammer Horde - In The Name Of Winter's Wrath Official Video - YouTube[/ame]
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