Dam Memory! Who blew up a massive beaver dam in colonial Louisiana?

May 2019
Detroit, Michigan, USA
I remember learning in high school history that some guy blew up a huge beaver dam in the Louisiana region.
It was to get a route to the Atlantic from somewhere.

Google is just returning people blowing up beaver dams or beaver population info.
Trying to make polite conversation with my wife but the chick is asking for details and sources.

Thank You in advance!!
Sep 2012
Tarkington, Texas
Credit goes to Captain Shreve for clearing the raft. They named a town after him. There was an old meander of the Red called the Cane River that went around the old raft. Further down the Red, close to Alexandria, there was a low area that closed the Red River for about half the year. The Yankees almost lost a fleet here in the Civil War. Some diversions up the Red and a dry winter almost trapped the fleet.


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