Dare we speak about "Brexit?"



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Apr 2012
I come from the moderates [Berlusconi ...], but now i sustain M5S and so the present Government [but I wasn't candidate this turn].
Thanks for the info! Personally I was involved in a small right-oriented party (now it's already a long time since it disappeared), it never gained any seats, whatever the elections.
Jun 2016
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"The papers that don't like the referendum decision are those that were always more positive about Europe (Guardian, Independent)." Goodness me, can that really be true?
Obviously it is, please note I was replying to a post which suggested that the 'press' that had been 'dumping on' the EU now 'bemoans Bexit'. Just pointing out that there has not been such a change, it is two different segments of the press.


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Sep 2012
Something that may be worth reading: Washington Post: This is why the EU is being so tough about Brexit.

I personally would expect to belong to the either to the 'somewhat hard line' but more likely to the 'middle position' with regards to to the question as to how the EU should approach the Brexit negotiations. For one i don't support at any level punishing the UK because of Brexit. But neither do i think the EU should give up its principles (or alter its rules) to placate the UK either. The Brexit issues with the UK should be dealt fairly and according to the rules - not punishing but neither pandering the UK.
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