David Lean Portrays TE Lawrence as Wishing to be Arabic in "Lawrence of Arabia"

Sep 2012
David Lean Portrays TE Lawrence as Wishing to be Arabic in "Lawrence of Arabia"

This is a big issue thats been bothering me for years. In fact I made a thread about it in the Middle Eastern section of this forum.


I am curious of 2 things:

1)Did TE Lawrence wish to be Arabic as David Lean's film implies

and more importantly (which is the reason for posting it here in the Films and TV sections)

2)If TE Lawrence didn't actually want to be Arabic and was actually a racist bigot (which another friend of mine from another site told me), why did David Lean and his writer Robert Bolt portray Lawrence like this in the classic movie?

I LOVED Lawrence of Arabia when I first watched it so many damned years ago in around 2004-2005 and I literally thought TE Lawrence was like portrayed in the movie. But as I read his autobiographies (I never finished Seven Pillars of Wisdom but I finished Revolt In the Desert in 2006), I hardly seen a reference to this.

The only exception is the starting poem of Seven Pillars in which he wrote a poem about his love for S.A. which I initiallyt hought was Saudi Arabia until I learned tat scholars argue it may refer to a guy's initials and of TE Lawrence's possible homosexuality and more important Saudi Arabia was hardly in existence when TE Lawrence was first writing Seven Pillars and that specific countryw as not his primary interest in the Middle Eastern culture.

Can anyone clarify?
Sep 2012
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General Patreus, insisted that the Officers out in Afghanistan read Lawrence to improve their understanding of how to get into the minds of the Muslims out there.

Lets also be clear, there is a lot of Left wing tripe that takes every opportunity to blacken the British Empire, especially where we did the correct thing (which we did most of the time), so having a figure like Lawrence, who just wanted to see the best outcome for the Arabs, is to be despised and make them out to be what they are not.

Lawrence was very much as portrayed in the Film, so no he was far from racist, some Leftie idiots today will give examples of something he said, but that is to look today with politically correct hindsight, so is total bunkum.

The French (why is it always the French who get these things wrong) had their own agenda, as did Whitehall (Ministry of Defence in London), so in the end Lawrence was sold out for Political ends in Europe, however he did as much as he could to do the right thing by the Arabs, and in the Middle East he is evidently still held in high regard by thsoe who have studied the period.

All that said, Lawrence was a very troubled soul, his Homo sexuality didn't help, as at that time he could be sent to prison, and him suddenly being famous after the War, meant he felt he was being spied on (today he would be coining it in) as a celebrity, and so tried anonominity, however he was his own worst enemy, letting it be known who he really was even when he enlisted in the Air force under a false name.