Death of Edward II of England in 1327


Ad Honorem
Jul 2011
The stories and Edward's and his favorite's indescretions seem implausible and might have been invented or exagerated by their enemies. The power of those favorites may also have been exagerated. However, I doubt the sexual relationships were totally invented. Certainly many at the time thought there were sexual relationships. James I had similar favorites, and it was generally thought they were lovers.

Isabella and Mortimer were in power for only 4 years of the 50 year reign of Edward III. I don't see that Edward III had an interest in portraying his father in a bad light. By contrast the Tudor's had an interest in portraying Richard III badly. Thomas More and Shakespeare took part in that Tudor propaganda.

That didn't just happen with the Knights Templar. The sexual activities, shady dealings, and corruption of the Catholic Church were used in the Reformation. For example, all sorts of dirt of Cardinal Woolsey at his treason trial. Some of that may have been exagerated, but it wasn't entirely made up.

Another example was the head of Stalin's secret police, Beria, who was convicted of treason, and accused of being a British agent. He was also accused of kidnapping, raping, and sometimes killing hundreds of teenage girls. Who knows if it was true, exagerated, or invented.