Decline and Fall of the British Empire


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May 2016
I gave both of them (or anyone) the benefit of the doubt. mm?
Not what I said. You wrote an articulated post and I understood it.

And you're wrong…
Sorry, A quote of yours now, like this one:

could be used, but I just really wrote my previous post to say to you that was the first post that I understood your perspective. And it seems that I was not the only one. I didn't post here to enter in the dance "And you're wrong"/"No, you are."
British raj was one of the most strangest empire for us Afghans.

Imagine a rural boy in his early teens from afghanistan when British took over bengal, by the time he was something like 40 whole of India was under british rule... A small nation tiny population from 15000 or more kilometers away! In single generation !
it seems, Britain have special treatment to afghans. It could be related with aryan history, which is not loved by british elit. Something similar was with Turkestan, at the time of "Big Game"

I think, it's because they remember parthians and scythians, that were major enemies of Rome and greeks
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