Decline and Fall of the British Empire

Oct 2018
The end of all formal Empires was inevitable with the spread of the political ideas of liberalism and nationalism, the sense that a people have a stake in the nation where they live and that who rules them matters.
Feb 2014
In theory QEII is still the world's most powerful monarch. The 16 Commonwealth realms are still in totality a vast grouping.
The Empire is gone, but its remnants ares still there.
Sep 2015
The British Empire started its fall and decline somewhere in 2012 under political-correctness.
Any period of potential renewal and rejuvenation can be stifled, disrupted, and dragged off course (or worse) by the usual human deficiencies. The multiple lines of (apparent) key direction of movements/manoeuvres, trends, and ruptures, and common sense, make for an inevitably complex scene. As ever it will be a near thing.


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Jul 2013
San Antonio, Tx
The most far-reaching legacy of British pseudoempire was huge genocide in North America and Australia. This also had some indirect consequences -- author of Mein Kampf openly admired this giant achievements.

No, British couldnt develop their colonies better because they were pirates essentially. [Even today their main industry, City of London, is money laundering, usury and similar money manipulations.]

They crumbled and fell because they didnt want to share plunder with growing Germany. That push them into Entente with archenemy over the Channel and -- even worse -- with Russia. That is how desperate they were.
Few decades later, they were cunningly pushing Germany against Soviet Union, but when Hitler offered them partnership, they again decined Germany. Rudolf Hess last minute offer didnt impress them either. Another Pyrric victory was too much and Yanks took over the business.
I can’t speak for Australia, but most of the Indian Wars against native tribes were not very large affairs. In fact, the US Army at the time of the post Civil War Indian campaigns was pretty small. Same for the pre-Civil War time period. The really terrible effects of the European settlements in North America were from diseases for which the natives had no natural defenses. There has been a fair amount of anecdotal evidence that some white settlers and administrators intentionally distributed blankets to the Indians that were tainted with smallpox but I do not know very much about this.

Nobody knows with any sense of confidence how many Native Americans there were in North America at the time of the first settlements.


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Jul 2013
San Antonio, Tx
It's hard to take your post seriously when you seem to unironically criticise Britain for not allying with Nazi Germany.
I have to agree. Still, I’m very puzzled that the poster you were responding to calls all English “pirates”. This is applying today’s mores and standards to yesterday’s events which seems a bit questionable to me. Granted, colonialism on the part of European powers was not a charitable enterprise and was never intended to be so. But one thing the colonialists did was identify natural resources within the borders of the colony, resources which they then acted to extract. After the colonial power left, these resources continued to be extracted by the host country which might not otherwise even have known these minerals, etc. existed.

Today, colonialism/imperialism of that historic type no longer exists, but the extraction of natural resources from colonial sites first discovered by the imperialist power continues.

I wouldn’t use the Nazi government as an example for anything positive.

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