Son of Cathal

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Oct 2008
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Has anybody else seen this film about the Jewish partisans in Belorussia? What did you think?

I quite enjoyed it myself. I don't know how accurate it is historically but there are a few inaccuracies according to Wikipedia
Jul 2017
Hey Son.
Many opened your thread but no one replied. Why can that be?
I really enjoyed the movie, some years ago when I saw it. So did some friend who know nothing about the war or history.
I liked that scene where they join all the belts and the younger brother says "the strong will help the weak".
But I left wondering if there is some place like that, with such a dangerous mud.
Also.... the movie shows that people living in armony, just obeing these brothers, all working an no complaining.... could have such a community been so disciplined??
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