Depections of the Wolf throughout the Years

Dec 2015
I just wanted to share this video and information because clearly the wolf had an effect during WW2, and certainly The wolf has big time popularity around the world, I can not count the amount of times I have seen a beautiful picture of the wolf in a nat geo photo op.

Going back to WW2 Hitler named his favorite German Sheppard "Wolf" and had a fondness for wolves....One German resistance group post WW2 was named the werewolves. The wolf was perhaps appreciated by the Third Reich, but otoh of course today many folks admire wolfs as sort of mystical creatures, intriguing, and fierce...perhaps many view the wolf as protecting the innocents. There are a # of films and paintings that depict wolves in a positive fashion.

But after hearing the possible death of Tom Petty and listening to some of TP songs I have come across a remarkable video which includes Pettys song I wont back down, the video is from a popular German American film called barnyard in which the wolf is actually depicted as the bad guy, and I say its interesting that the production team was a joint venture between Americans and Germans. Once again the Germans are involved with the wolf culture but this time in a good way. Now whats fascinating to me is how a cartoon if you will has been able to remind me of WW2. Look here how the wolf is portrayed as the bad guy like the Third Reich, where as the other animals such as the Bull, Hen and Cow are the good guys sort of like the US, USSR, and UK.

If folks here have information on other societal depictions of the wolf throughout the years please show it.
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Feb 2017
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Dunno if this is related but have you played the 90s game Gabriel Knight: The Beast Within ?
"Located" in Germany and is about werewolves
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Apr 2016
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In the 1941 Lon Chaney, Jr., film Wolf Man, the change into the wolf is evil, from which only death can save Larry Talbot, the Chaney character. For most Americans up through the 1960s anyway, that was the introduction to werewolves.

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