Deportation of Poles after Decembrist Revolt?

Sep 2018
From wikipedia: Decembrist revolt - Wikipedia

""Of all those exiled, the largest group of prisoners was sent to Chita, Zabaykalsky Krai, to be transferred three years later to Petrovsky Zavod, near Nerchinsk. This group, sentenced to hard labor, included principal leaders of the Decembrist movement as well as Polish revolutionaries."

I am not familiar with any Polish involvement in the Decembrist Revolt, so does anyone have information on who this group of "Polish revolutionaries" were, and what their activities were which lead them to be deported to Siberia?

This is the only mention of "Polish revolutionaries" during the Decembrist Revolt that I could find, from "Exile, Murder and Madness in Siberia, 1823-61" by Andrew A. Gentes:
"Pavel Pestel had at one point tried to persuade Polish revolutionaries to assassinate the tsarevich."

I know nothing about that, or whether it was connected to the Poles that wikipedia claims were sent to Siberia. Wikipedia's article about Pestel does claim he "conducted negotiations with the Polish Patriotic Society, discussing the possibility of joint revolutionary actions." Pavel Pestel - Wikipedia

If anyone knows about this I would like to be informed.
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Jan 2014
Konstantin was Polish king and was supported by polish party. This was one of reasons why majority in Peterburg supported the Nikolay. And may be the reason why Nikolay decided to seize power.