Development of the so-called Jewish elite in the USA? Yes or No or Mixed?


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Jan 2017
" I could ask more touchy questions about the Jews in revolution or NKVD, but I probably know the answers, too. "

I probably know the answers , too can anyone else who care to look


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May 2014
What I see is a lot of mixed marriages, between Jews and Asians, for example (I recently found a word "Chew",'Chinese Jew, in press, and the way it was used, it was not a derogatory word). On top of it, our society is getting more secular. This makes me wonder Jews of younger generation view themselves as "Jews" as much as the older ones. It would seem to me that strict national/racial subdivision slowly becomes obsolete, and "Jewish elite" is, in fact, not only mixed but views itself as such. For some reason, Zuckerberger and Priscilla Chan come to mind.
Yeah, our Jewish elite is gradually becoming a Jewasian elite. :)
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Dec 2015
Jews were simply part of Western civilization. They lived in Europe, they spoke adapted German (Yiddish), anyone who read memories of Gluckel von Hameln (especially what she wrote about god) and then listened to modern Protestants can see striking similarities. Many Jews converted, and I am positive that were it not for the Pale, even more would have done it.

Armenians lived under the Ottoman Empire for too long and it must have limited their contributions into other areas.

You should mention the contribution of Jewish astrologers and Kabbalists looking for "the philosopher's stone" into the development of chemistry.
The fact is that since the tenth century CE, Europe already had a lead in technological innovations and "the machine".
Nitpicking the few philosophers, artists, scientists is so biased.

Considering the deep and long Chinese love affair with pork dishes , there might be a bit of a kosher problem
This is why it is highly unlikely that Islam will flourish in China, especially for the mainstream Han population.
Then, the Han population is known to absorb any physically similar people into its population.


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Nov 2012
Yeah, our Jewish elite is gradually becoming a Jewasian elite. :)
You know, Futurist, since I posted this, I traveled to Asia, twice, to several different places. Came back with the conclusion that our mentality is so hopelessly outdated.

Everywhere, people mix. And in Asia, with its high population density and mobility, it is especially noticeable. People look beautiful, people develop interesting concepts. I wish we could view the world for what it is, the place where new races and ethnicities were, and are, constantly forming.

P.S. I now think this whole thread is outdated, too.
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