Did any Allied & Russians fight together during WW2

Jun 2015
London UK
I know the U.S. & Russians met at the River in East europe. But we're any involve in combat together? Did it happen at sea? When Russians picked up british sailors whose ships were sunk and had to fight against German u boats vessels and planes?!


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Jan 2011
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France in particular.

The Germans used Russian prisoners as semi-volunteer soldiers to man the westwall. So many of the men literally in combat together were Russian and American.

On a more cooperative lever many of those Russian soldiers as well as Russian forced labour deserted and joined the French resistance.

Theres also the case 600 men of an SS cossack regiment stationed in northern italy for anti-partisan duties who were persuaded to switch sides and joined the partisans


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Oct 2012
Joseph Beyrle

He was an American serving in the 101st Airborne division, when he was captured in Normandy. While a POW in Poland he escaped, and managed to link up with a Soviet tank unit commanded by Aleksandra Samusenko, the famed female tank commander. Seyrle, who was a demolitions expert, managed to convince her to allow him to fight alongside the Soviets rather than sending him to the rear, and he spent a month fighting alongside the unit on its push towards Germany.

His 'adventure' with the Soviets finally ended when he was wounded in an air attack by Stuka dive bombers. While recovering in a Soviet military hospital he was visited by Marshal Zhukov, who learned the hospital was treating an American who had attached himself to a Soviet Union, and arranged for him to be moved to the American embassy in Moscow.


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Mar 2013
Kirkcaldy, Scotland
Fascinating stuff Scaeva. I hadn't hard of this episode before.
American and British merchant sailors fought with the Russians against the Nazis during the Artic convoys with Soviet navy ships taking part in convoy actions.


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Feb 2012
And on occaision, American bombers and long range escorts refuelled and re-armed in Russia to mount a return mission after attacking targets beyond 'point of no return' range.


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Jul 2014
Lower Styria, Slovenia
Russians and Yugoslav Partisans in Serbia and Prekmurje, don't know if that counts ...