Did any Warsaw Pact member states ever vote against the Soviet Union in the UN?


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May 2014
If any, I would think Romania.
Yeah, I also think that Romania would be the most likely candidate for this. Ceaucescu did have an independent streak--for instance, by refusing to cut off relations with Israel like the rest of the Warsaw Pact and the Soviet Union did in 1967. Still, he never actually had the courage to withdraw from the Warsaw Pact like Albania did.

Albania would have been a more promising candidate for this but it withdrew from the Warsaw Pact in 1961.
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Sep 2012
Prague, Czech Republic
Found one!

Resolution 415 of 1977, calling on the Security Council to get involved in assuring a peaceful transition to majority rule in Southern Rhodesia, was adopted unanimously by all members except the Soviet Union, which abstained. Romania was one of the other members.

No idea if this was common or not - the information is all available in the UN online library, but all the relevant details are in scanned copies of old type-written reports. No one seems to have taken the time to convert this into a format conducive for search or analysis. Based on my brief scan; Warsaw Pact nations generally voted in lockstep with the Soviet Union. But there's a caveat to be borne in mind - it's not so easy to find voting records for failed resolutions. Due to the Soviet Union's veto power, that means it's hard to find info on times when the USSR voted 'no'.
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Oct 2015
Good find and a fine post. Thank you, Kaficek.
Pehaps Hungary in the time before and during the Uprising in 1956 voted against the USSR?