Did anyone go to the Silk Road category in Penn State Museum?

Should I post pics?

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Jan 2011
Delaware & Pennsylvania
Alright, the new's kinda old, but did anyone see the mummies brought from Xin Jiang to Pennsylvania's Penn State museum? It's pretty cool, it costed my family about like 80$ because it's 20$ per person, lol. I took a buncha pictures before the guy told me to not take pictures, who wants me to put some up?

P.S. I took 1 crappy picture of the baby mummy, 3 pictures of the good mummy, and about 2 or 3 pictures of the masked mummy, also I took pictures of any other etc stuff I found there~
Feb 2011
The Bitten Big Apple

I would ask a Mod or Admin to consider whether posting pictures is a good idea.

First, the Beijing Government already was not all that happy with the decision to send the mummies over.

Second, the museum had to make all kinds of promises to protect those exhibits.

If the taking of pictures was prohibited, I would say that posting them might jeopardize that exhibit and, also, might violate some type of "property" right being asserted by the Chinese Government over those relics.
Jan 2011
Delaware & Pennsylvania
Actually I didn't know I can't take pictures, everyone else was snatching the photos away, so I thought I could too, but then finally a guy came by and told us we shouldn't.

I'm not a science wizzy but my phone didn't flash :p
Feb 2011
The Bitten Big Apple
I am not faulting you.

I just remember reading that this exhibit was an on again off again thing because of the sensitivity that is involved politically speaking.

That's my concern. I am very glad that the exhibit is here and I am trying to get to view it too.
Feb 2011
British Empire
Yeah, Be careful. I would like to see them but get a Mod or Admin to give the go ahead first. You don't want to be at war with 1 billion people!:lol:


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Mar 2008
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Thanks for asking about the propriety of posting pictures. I am sure the exhibitors would appreciate the sensitivity you are showing by asking if it is ok to publish them on the internet.
I have no idea as to what the legality would be on this. Knowing lawyers there is probably one somewhere.
Perhaps the exhibitors didn’t want photos because of damage that a flash can cause an exhibit. I recall from the old days of flash bulbs that they were a no-no in art museums because it was like exposing a painting to direct sunlight.
Perhaps the exhibitors have concerns about controlling the quality of published images so that their exhibit is always in the best light. [no pun intended].
Or maybe it is a cultural practice that is strange to the western mind but offensive to them.
There is also the problem of the images being ‘work safe’? Would younger Historumites vomit? Or me?:):sick:
I don’t have the full answer; my personal guideline is ‘when in doubt, don’t.’
My personal opinion would be that not posting them shows respect to the museums wishes. If nothing else that is something you can feel good about.
I commend your restraint, patience and good sense.
Let’s see what the other mods have to say.