Did Britain and France tell Poland that they are not going to provide relief to it?

Jul 2012
From motorbike
"it would confirm that his intentions were no longer ones of restoring Germany's ethnic and historical rights, but one of an expansionary and threatening state"
this he had already done in March of 1939 by invading the rump Czechoslovakia and having his tanks in the streets of Prague .
this is what , FINALLY , got Chamberlain to switch from his peace at all cost strategy .......
Absolutely. The taking of Czechoslovakia was the signal Hitler was on the road to expansion. Poland was the next incident on which the English could take action to signal, unsuccessfully, that further action by Hitler would not go unopposed. It was hoped it would be enough to dissuade Hitler from further expansion.

However, Hitler was convinced the British and French would not follow up their threats with action as he perceived they did not have the determination to go to war, nor were they ready for war. Hitler believed he could beat the French and Britain, provided action was limited to one front.