Did Hungary's pre-WWI Magyarization policy include encouraging Hungarians to settle in the non-Hungarian parts of Hungary?


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May 2014
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I think You've forgotten geography: Transylvania has montains at the southern and eastern border! With average heights of 1500m, going up to more than 2.000m, with not so much valeys/canions traversing them. Plus, the passing zones where populated mostly by Hungarians and Germans. On the other hand, the Hungarian continuum is on gigh plains/plains, large valleys. Difficult access vs easy access.

Geographic map:

An administrative map of Hungary from the17th C.

Wath's interesting in it is that the three most important acces points/trading routes are controled by German communities (Hermanstadt/Sibiu/Szeben), Kronstadt (Brasso/Brasov) and Bistritz (Bistrita/Beszterce). There is one in Székelyföld.

PS: I was talking about the accuracy of the ethnic map. I found one that it's at municipality level. If You have the time to loock a bit closer, You'll see what I meant: there are more than one place where the "clusters"/"pockets" are very small. (100 years ago it was even more complex, as the German, Jewish, Slav where more present than today)

(here's the link for high-resolution img, if You wanna look closer: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/dd/EthnoRom30actualise.JPG
Are there any passes in the northern and western parts of Transylvania?
Oct 2013
Are there any passes in the northern and western parts of Transylvania?
Today there are more.

Historically, in west I think it was in Csikszereda/Miercurea Ciuc region and Bistritz/Bistrita/Beszterce region (that one I think it was the link to North (-> Poland) also, after passing the Carpathians.

In North, the links were less important, as I think is moredificult to pass, plus there is the large valey of Tisza, that opens a longer but much easier road to Northern Hungary, Slovakia and south of Poland (I'm using today's countries for the sake of simplicity).

maybe this is a better map:
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