Did India's leadership hope after partition that Pakistan will eventually rejoin India?



Ad Honoris
Aug 2010
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This is just getting silly, you seem to have caught the infection from the even sillier newcomer.
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Oct 2015
No, standing up to one's oppressors takes courage. Gandhi's pacifism was due to a testosterone deficecy caused by a weak vegetarian diet.
While many allegations can be made against Gandhi, but that he had a "testosterone deficecy" is not sustainable. Up to the age of 79 he wanted to conquer his sexual desire and performed "experiments" to check the level. In other words, it was present in him.

Read references at [1] or [2] for quick intro to his testosterone level. I think, the book 'Freedom at Midnight' put the issue in perspective. All later authors are re-hashing things with salt & pepper.

Now what is your opinion about a veggie diet?:)

[1] How would Gandhi’s celibacy tests with naked women be seen today? | Ian Jack
[2] Gandhi wanted women to 'resist' sex for pleasure