Did previous territorial losses result in Song's relatively weakness?


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Dec 2015
After the An Lushan Rebellion, the Tang Dynasty declined into a virtual feudal system with various local military commissioners.
Not only the "sphere of influence" shrunk, some of the "core territories" were lost as well.
One notable weakness is the failure to defeat Nanchao.
The "Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms" era, further territorial losses happened, and a well-organized Liao Empire emerged in the north.
Territorial losses left Song Dynasty with lower quality horses and less defensible border.
How did the well-organized Liao Empire and Xixiaxi Empires render the Song Dynasty relatively weak?
What contributed more to the relative weakness of the Song military? Since the Song Dynasty did not occupy all of the territories of the
Qin Dynasty, some consider it "less than an unified dynasty".
Was Song Dynasty that much smaller than the Qin Dynasty?
Note that in previous time, "claimed territories" can be substantially larger than "actual control". In comparison, the "claimed territories" of
the Republic of China is much larger than that of the People's Republic of China; we all know that the ROC had a rather small area of actual
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