Did Spartan women kill gay men?


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Nov 2012
You did: "Great, but surely you seen Laconian pottery? Some of it is pretty vivid and somewhat contradictory to what you are stating. "

You were trying to cite Laconian pottery as evidence of Spartan homosexuality when it wasn't made by Spartans.

Which is like someone claiming that you are a heroin addict because you're from Seattle and other people in Seattle shoot heroin. Would that be correct? NOPE. Its not just a generalization, its an illogical one.
Did you read my original post? I proposed two versions, a) that homosexuality in Sparta was at the same level as everywhere in ancient Greece, and b) that someone had written long ago, it was institutionalized. I think the word "institutionalized" came originally from some book about Sparta, but I don't remember the author. It stayed, however.

My personal version was, likely, A. And, I feel that the statement that Spartan women flogged gay Spartans to death is totally unfounded.

However, this being said, I feel that we have as good an idea about Spartan life as they'd have about Seattle ;). For example, I once tried to imagine, how would a Spartan day go. When they'd wake up, would they brush their teeth, if yes, how, etc, etc. If they'd tease each other, what words would they use, for example. It made me understand that we don't have a clue about them. Truly. I tried to find some evidence. Got very little. We can't even name all their years because half of the names of eponymous ephoras history did not keep. Hence I posted that we know merely tiny snippets.

P.S. about pottery. In general, what was depicted contributed into our knowledge of Ancient Greek life. The scenes are usually of what they did. Moreover, pottery was not cheap. It belonged to whoever ordered it. Sometimes, names were there (not in Sparta). So regardless of who made it, helots, peroikos or Spartans, it is some evidence of their lives.
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