Did the Anglo-Americans ever consider sending a lot of their own troops to the USSR to help the Soviets fight the Nazis in WWII?

Nov 2019
United States
Really? What were the charges? I thought Stalin sent those troops to assist Spain's leftist government?
Yes he sent them there, and when they returned, he had them charged with various crimes mostly based on the fact they were exposed to ideas he didn't trust. So he either had them executed or sent to Gulags. Read the book Stalin, it is full of carefully documented information.

Lord Fairfax

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Jan 2015
Changing trains at Terrapin Station...
It's arguable that this would have been a hindrance to the Red army rather than provide any real help. The Red army relied on cohesion and the ability of it's units to carry out tasks without much fuss. A contingent from the west would have been unwieldy, useless, politically dangerous and would probably have just got in the way.
Hypothetically the British/Australian corps could have anchored the southern end of the Soviet front on the eastern side of the Sea of Azov, between Kerch and Rostov, with the Soviets forces deployed north of Azov.

This was from late 1941, a plan by Churchill for the spring of 42 in the event of a continuing Soviet collapse.

As it turned out, the Soviets were able to halt the Axis juggernaut in the winter of 41/42, meanwhile the situation in the Far East with Japan went from a flash in the pan to a raging dumpster fire, :eek: which drained the 6 or 7 divisions of British Empire strategic reserve in the Middle East.

Alan Brooke and the British chiefs much preferred "Gymnast", with easier logistics for the Allies, but increased logistical strain for the Axis