Did the Askumites Trade Directly with India, like the Romans and Ptolemaics did

Aug 2019
Abuja, Nigeria
I read from an old book that the Askumites couldn't dislodge Persian monopoly over India trade but the only monopoly i am sure they had is over the Silk road, relative to the West and Africa at least, but the Romans had been trading with India since Augustus through Egypt. So is it an error/mislabeling or Did this trade stop between Rome and India stop, also did the Askumites ever pick up on this trade route and trade directly with India as well or not


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Mar 2013
East Africa traded with India long before Rome. Various kingdoms participated in this trade over the centuries and at times the African dynasties controlled the trade but most often it was middlemen in Arabia but there is more evidence all the time of shipbuilding and trade that originated in East Africa they weren't just passively waiting for trade ships like Phoenician trade in West Africa but actively seeking out trade ports.
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