Did the Askumites use the Larger African Bush Elephant or the much smaller North African Elephant

Aug 2019
Abuja, Nigeria
I read that the Askumites used Elephants in Warfare, from a description from Justinian's Embassy to them, which stated that the Askumite Emperor was on a large chariot pulled by Elephants and the Islamic story of the Year of the Elephant. But I also have heard that the Ptolemaics, Romans, Carthaginians and all other peoples that used African Elephants used the smaller, now extinct North African Elephant, but these smaller Elephants as their name states are Endemic to North Africa but at the same time the Ptolemaics that are said to have used the smaller Elephants also captured from East Africa, so their range might have been larger. They are also said to have gone extinct during Roman times but the Year of the Elephant event was during Byzantine times, so it made me wonder if the Askumite Elephants and maybe some of the Ptolemaic elephants were of the Larger African Bush Elephant Specie or not