Did the Comanche ruled over an Empire?


Jan 2018
They were probably *the* most fearsome tribe in 18th and 19th Century North America.
No doubt the Comanche were bad news but I'll go with the Chippewa, who defeated both the Iroquois to their east and the Sioux to their west. Running the Sioux out of the Great Lakes and the Iroquois out of former Huronia were no mean feats. They also took part on the French side in the Seven Years War and the British side in our revolution and the War of 1812. And they had a large role in the Northwest Indian War.

And in the last fight the United States Regular Army had with Indians the 3rd Infantry took a whipping from Chippewas at Leech Lake Minnesota in 1898.

The Spanish out of Santa Fe gave the Comanches grief using traditional Spanish light cavalry ways and the Comanches reached an accommodation with them and a trading relationship. The Comanche, after suffering some hard knocks from warlike Midwestern Shawnee and Delaware and such that had been "removed" west by the Americans also reached an accommodation with them. The Shawnees and Delawares became the middlemen in a racket in which the Comanches kidnapped Texans who they then sold to the Midwestern Indians who then got ransom money from the state of Texas for the captives.
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Can this be applied to Ghenghis Khan? Did he rule over an empire?
Yes. Genghis Khan combined and ruled several Mongol tribal nations. They became a force unlike anything witnessed since the Roman armies. When Ogedai Khan, his son died, the Mongol army had reached Hungary, having destroyed Moscow and Kiev and much of western Russia. The armies retreated east so that the contestants for Khanship could reach Mongolia in time for determination of the succession. If, instead, Ogedai lived another few years, the Mongols may have swept across northern Europe to the North Sea and the Atlantic.