Did the Confederacy have a chance to win the Civil War?

Did the Confederacy have a chance to win the American Civil War?

  • The Confederacy did have a chance to win the American Civil War.

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  • The Confederacy never had a chance to win the American Civil War.

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  • It is unclear to me whether or not the Confederacy could have won the American Civil War.

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Jan 2017
By the 1860ies Slavery was already dysfunctional , the price of slaves was grossly inflated by speculation
and a surge in the price of cotton
it made the South wealth seems larger than it really was , in fact it was northern banks who were issuing loans to southern planters
the size of those loans was based on the wealth of the planter ,
the inflated price of slaves helped to raise more cash
It's cotton traders in the North who made the most profits

when the self imposed cotton embargo created a supply crisis ,
Egypt and to a lesser extend India were made to ramp up production
thus destroying the south dominant production ,
the severe depression post war was due to the loss in men , war destruction but also the fact that cotton had lost it's crown

the main cash crop of the US for export was wheat from the Midwest , the saying was King wheat had dethroned king cotton


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Aug 2016
Cuba's been under an embargo for over 50 years. North Korea's been under economic sanctions for over 60. Industrial slavery might be less profitable than agricultural slavery, but it was more profitable than freeing the slaves. And the slaves were also kept slaves for social reasons that had nothing to do with economics. Segregation did not end because most Southern whites had humanitarian concerns about the status of blacks, so I am highly doubtful that enough white Confederates would have enough humanitarian concrens about the slaves that they would end slavery.
But international sanctions played a role in ending Apartheid in South Africa. Internal dissent probably played a larger role. Cuba and North Korea lack any large dissident movements. The Confederacy had a large black population that was hostile to slavery. The Twenty Slave Law and the laws passed after Nat Turner's rebellion are proof that slaves were capable of influencing public policy through the threat of slave revolt.
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