Did the Hindu Jats and Sikhs ever interact during Mughal rule


Ad Honorem
Nov 2012
Both these groups were present in each others vicinity. Both were in an area ruffled with continuous attacks and invasions. Sikhs and Jats both did not start as warrior groups but ended up doing so to counter some historical situations. I am surprised that these two groups never actually allied or atleast co-ordinated considering so many prospective reasons:

Many Sikhs had a Jat bloodline. Jats and Sikhs faced endless repression initially from Mughals. Both were fierce warriors living close to each other. Its very surprising that they did not ally. I mean I can easily imagine a Suraj Mal like king allying with Sikhs considering Jats were not deeply Hindu in the first place. There were so many similarities its hard to see how this never happned. Were there any interactions between the two at ruler levels.