Did the Jewish Rothschilds really rule Europe

Sep 2008
Short answer no.

Long answer, no they didn't.

Whilst undoubtably powerfull and influential the Rothschilds are just one of the favourite targets of conspiracy nuts in part because they can mix anit-capitalism with a good old fashioned healthy dose of anti-semitism. They were simply part of the system.

Fascinating fact about the Rothschilds though. When Hitler was at his lowest point in Austria he moved into a Rothschild sponsered mens home where he lived for several years.
Oct 2008
what other powerful banking families were in existence at that time?
The Sassoons, the Wernhers, the Joels, Sir Ernest Cassel, the Goldsmids, among others. During the lifetime of the Prince of Wales (later Edward VII), he counted many wealthy European Jews as close friends.


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Mar 2008
On a mountain top in Costa Rica. yeah...I win!!
Did the Jewish Rothschilds family really rule europe during the industrial revolution?
Was it really necessary to put the word Jewish in front of Rothschild?
I think you are trying to say something. And not being very clever at it.
In a similar form you asked the same question a while back. I think my answer then was that you need to find some new friends. Because, my friend, you are obviously being feed a lot of mis-information. Let me be clear, You are being lied to. I have in my long, long career, never met a person with a high I.Q. that didn't see through this international Jewish banker fantasy crap. However I have seen many of low intelligence buy into it. If you really need to belong to something join the Elks or the Lions club.

(The next three pages I deleted, they were just a vent. A good one tho. But enough is enough. Hint, hint)
Oct 2008
Not the Jews are the most powerful bank owners. Stop please with all this crap. Search the web. Enjoy...