Did the vikings eat fly agaric mushrooms before they went to battle?

Aug 2019
The Drakkar was a ship with a Dragon or other head in the bow. Usually it was a longship.

For instance the knarr more adequate to trade.

But for any activity, including piracy, it was used the best avaiable ship or the one that the party had.

Wikipedia has an article about it, for reference: Viking ships - Wikipedia
Makes sense. Even when they raided they needed the knarr for transportation of the loot.
Nov 2018
Could you elaborate on these solemn occasions, I'm curious, never heared about it before.
It should not be taken quite literally, already in the first generation the Norwegians were married into local families and became French in speech and thought.
However, the Nordic heritage was seen as the leaven that causes the bread to rise.
If you are interested in the mindset of the Normans I can recommend “The Normans and their myth” 144 pages written by R.H.C. Davis.
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Aug 2014
A drakkar doesn't make a Viking. Even in the Viking Age those ships had other uses, like trade. The heads (usually dragon heads) were removed.
"Viking" refers to joining a sea expedition. It could be both raiding and trading. A viking was both a raider and a trader.
Aug 2019
Rollo didn't become a Norman until he stopped being a viking.
Aren't there sources that call him a norman? I think his title was duke of normandy.
Also he is said to have pillaged the isles -according to nordic mythology.
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