Diplodocus' ancestors walked on two legs!

Aug 2013
I would agree that probably the artist has given Panphagia a covering that may be a bit too thick. Perhaps they had a covering more shorter and more like the "velor" covering of pterosaurs. I do think that they would be more likely than not likely to have a covering at that time though, even while there is no evidence. By default I presume all dinosaurs had a covering, then lost them to one degree or another as dinosaur evolution progressed along all it's various twisting and winding paths. I can't off the top of my head think of any other really early South American potential ancestors other than Panphagia, if they did in fact lead to sauropods or were a dead end, and there must have been many dead ends all across dinosauria.
Yes, there were others not unlike Panphagia, albeit larger and more inclined to a quadrupedal posture, which I might describe as pre- or proto-prosauropods. They are even grouped together under a scientific classification, but I just can't remember what this is...I'm so tired right now, but will try to find all the nomenclature tomorrow. And so, a good night to all and to all a good night.