Disney Clothing Identification Help Needed

Dec 2017
Hello all, for a personal project I am trying to identify the names of various (presumably) historical clothing items. The problem is I have several items I want to identify and typing their descriptions in and then searching for hours can be very tedious. I imagine someone here could look and say "oh that's a..."

The items in question are currently from Disney's Sleeping Beauty. As I am cataloguing a number of Disney movies this is really only the first round of questions.

For those who are curious its for a table top game taking place in the wider world of Disney and I need to be able to say what people are wearing. I'm the ST.

To begin with I've got 3 images labeled by letters and on each one several numbers closely placed or on the item I need identified. To assist here is a list to explain what I'm asking about.

1. Women's Hat
2. Man's Hat
3. Woman's over shirt
4. Man's Sleeve
5. Man's Shirt
6. Woman's undershirt, neck thing

1. Hooded Hat
2. weird hat thing
3. Musician's plumed hat
4. unknown hat
5. musicians sleeves/shirt and pattern style.
6. Unknown dress thing.
7. Cape
8. Instrument
9. Instrument
10. Instrument

1. women's hat with veil
2. Lord's blue hat hat
3. Purple Hat
4. Orange Hat
5. Split purple hat
6. Purple dress
7. Blue lord's what's it
8. Red outfit. (name for puffy shoulders)
Dec 2017
Well put this post on hold for a min, I forgot I need to upload the photos to a hosting site and can't just post them. I'll be back in 2 hours or so to finish this with the images. Sorry.