Distances in Outer Space


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Jun 2012
Arthur C. Clarke, a renowned SF writer had suggested that there will be a way to send human sperm and ova ( several samples actually ), both frozen in a space vehicle and a sophisticated computer to ensure the fertilisation of the ovum by the sperm when a habitable planet is nearby and then raising the human baby to adulthood, by nursing him /her and coaching him in all the knowledge of the human society he/she has left many hundred thousands of years ago, and then expecting him /her to take command of the space craft and land on the said planet and populate it.
So humans populating distant habitable planets is not altogether impossible.
By the way, the visible universe is said to be 80 billion light years long / wide.
Most of it is empty space.
Aahhh, so you haven't heard yet. Adam was Commander Adama, his ancestors originally came from Planet Kobol, but later migrated to to a multiple-planet cluster called the Twelve Colonies. After a devastating war with a violent & aggressive cyborg race, he led the remnants of his people to Earth, the then faraway fabled thirteenth colony yet unknown to them at the time.

And as soon as they arrived on Earth, they launched their entire giant spacecraft, replete with all the technology that had been developed by them until that time, in the direction of the Sun, to be completely destroyed. Becos they considered that it was that technology that had ultimately brought then to the final debacle that was their fate.

Cut a long story, Adama & his partner, plus his entire fleet, merging with an early terrestrial human tribe where they landed, became the progenitors of mankind on Earth.:)

So, if you're thinking of giving a hyper-computer the authority to take complete charge, think again. That thing wud be a hyper-intelligent cyborg & hv a mind of its own. It cud decide to rebel & commit high treason, betray its human masters & take over the project completely. It cud just decide to terminate the human seed, and start a colony of cyborgs just like itself somewhere in space.
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