Do German Lutherans are predominately of Saxon origin?

Nov 2017
Well, that's what's happening when one is just "copy-pasting" things, without having the decency to make it clear he is quoting, and giving the appropriate link/reference.

Not that "copy-pasting" would something new or unusual in You posts ...

Said by a user, who very*very rarely use any references in his debates. A user who like to use revelations rather than argumentations and references.


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Said by a user, who very*very rarely use any references in his debates. A user who like to use revelations rather than argumentations and references.
I don't think all that is related to what I posted. You simply didn't made it clear it was a quote, so it happened what it can happen: You had to explain authun that the words weren't Yours.

Wouldn't be simpler (and more respectful) to just mention when You quote?

You know, something like:

This is from the opening of A.J.P. Taylor’s “The Course of German History.” For those of us who worry that recent events suggest the end of Western Civilization it is somewhat reassuring, in that that recent events conform to a familiar pattern, though it’s admittedly a small comfort — like knowing that a suicidal drunk has gone through a cycle like this before…:
“The history of the Germans is the history of extremes. It contains everything except moderation, and in the course of a thousand years the Germans have experienced everything except normality…’German’ has meant at one moment a being so sentimental, so trusting, so pious, as to be too good for this world; and at another a being so brutal, so unprincipled, so degraded, as to be not fit to live. Both descriptions are true…”

source: adam's comment on: Douthat in NYT: \

In his 1945 book, The Course of German History, he argued that National Socialism was the inevitable product of the entire history of the Germans going back to the days of the Germanic tribes. He was an early champion of what has since been called the Sonderweg (Special Way) interpretation of German history, that German culture and society developed over the centuries in such a way as to make Nazi Germany inevitable. Moreover, he argued that there was a symbiotic relationship between Hitler and the German people, with Adolf Hitler needing the Germans to fulfil his dreams of conquest and the German people needing Hitler to fulfil their dreams of subjugation of their neighbours. In particular, he accused the Germans of waging an endless Drang nach Osten against their Slavic neighbours since the days of Charlemagne.

source: A. J. P. Taylor - Wikipedia
It would spare You the effort to have to justify Yourself that it isn't You telling it.

Simple, clear (and respectful to those actually writing it), don't You think?
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Apr 2017
A.J.P Taylor (the most famous British historian of the 20th century) called the North Western Germans and Netherlanders literally the true descendents culturally and biologically of the Franks. In his interpretation Franks (and their "true" German descendants) are the most evil people on Earth , he even linked the German WW2 mentality and the cruel mentality of medieval Franks. Somehow element of Frankish mass psyche and nehavior system survived for a long period of time. The German high culture was just an excellent mask to hide that.

Only the technology changed dramatically during 1000years, but the inside (soul) remained the same barbarian.

I see - you know the game of do not mention the war. How that is anyhow in any connection to the quote you took from Authun I just skip and pretend that I am totally unaware of that.

By the way, even the helmets of the SS guys are from the 15th century – 600 years after the Franks – not even this is a connection.
While the Totenkopf is Prussian (what is a Saxon culture zone after all) and the horse breeds are very likely a Saxon, too.

If that is the outcome of AJP Taylor's work – you might want to look into other books in the future, because he does not let you look good.

Or in the words of Arvid - my most popular viking - from the series Norsemen concering your problem with historians: "It is a profession."

AJP Taylor also claimed that Bismarck united Germany by accident, that World War One was entirely the result of the German Railway Timetables, and that the abolition of British Summer Time in the 1970s was to align ourselves with Germany which would allow us to have gas chambers at 8 o'clock in the morning. He was a highly politicised historian, a marxist, who spent much of his time on current affairs programmes on the BBC. His work is largely the modern history of central europe, generally covering Bismarck to Hitler but also managing to liken Britain as treating the "whole of Ireland like a Bergen Belsen". He has never published any work on the Franks. He was not the most famous british 20th century historian but may be the most controversial, being described by Hugh Trevor Roper as someone who "managed to annoy just about everybody in the British historical profession, and his interpretive daring, while sometimes strikingly original, often seemed willfully perverse to his peers and colleagues."

"Anyone who claims to learn from history," Taylor wrote with breathtaking assurance in 1967, "should devote himself to promoting an Anglo-Soviet alliance, the most harmless and pacific of all possible combinations."
Lol - Authun to the rescue... Damage control^^ That is pure gold.
No, no. To late. I am convinced that AJP Taylor is one of the greatest British historians of the 20th century and I recently learned from one of his students that the Franks are living in Lower Saxony (Northwest-Germany and the Netherlands) - and everybody who comes from there is a - wait - let me quote "(...) ( and their "true" German descendants) are the most evil people on Earth".
I even saw SS pictures of 20th century full of Saxon stuff.

But as Hannover is still their capital (House of Hannover, hint hint) - I would say - it is somehow somewhat a marxistic statement, so there might be a chance JanossyJanos did not made that up?^^

I watched the video - got it. It is funny because we got such a guy, too and he has exact the same field and does exact the same stuff.
Maybe there is a pattern.
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But as Hannover is still their capital (House of Hannover, hint hint)
House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. The House of Hannover stops in the UK with the death of Queen Victoria. Her son Edward was of the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha because his father, Prince Albert, was of that line. How ironic that a saxon monarch also gained the title Duke of Normandy, thus turning the tables on William the Bastard :)
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