Do most people think you're being political when you talk about history or current events?

Jun 2018
New York
History is mostly just obsolete politics. I'd say 90% of events on these forums would be considered politics when they occurred. The biggest thing that breeds conflict is that old politics/history is normally done and the result of arguments have little tangible real world stakes, while modern politics is in motion and it is unclear how the story will be told. That uncertainty and the desire for the story to go the way one wants is the reason politics is more contentious than history where regardless of your feelings what's done is and done and nothing you say or do can have any impact on that.
It is by far easier to remove personal feelings from history when talking about it. People seem to be very sensitive when it comes to politics so it is harder to remove a strong personal connection to a politically charged issue, that may also be why some people think someone is being political when talking about history, especially more current history.
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