Do we know what Stalin was going to do with Manchuria if the KMT would have won the Chinese Civil War?


Ad Honorem
Jan 2017
That's Stalin style , he always had several irons in the fire , to be used or not as the situation ripened

one can suppose several reasons
communism brotherhood , fat chance of that
Kuomintang were a bunch of looser
Chiang was aligned ( in a crooked way ) with the Americans , there was a serious chilll in the air ,

Stalin had better relation with Chiang than Mao but no illusion about Chiang reliability

the truce between Mao and Chiang broke down in early 46 after months of simmering fighting , in March the soviets got out
the Japan surrender treaty written by the Americans specified that the Japanese troops in china would surrender their weapons to the Kuomintang only
since there was no Kuomintang troops they left the Japanese weaponry to the communists ,
I don't think it was a big deal for Stalin , he would take whatever was hanging around but wasn't willing to get involved in a Chinese morass
he had what he wanted in the East , from now on it would be a watching brief only