Do you accept the official version of the story of the death of Indian PM Shastri in 1966?

Oct 2015
Poison could have some other symptoms besides heart-attack. It could be detected by blood and/or viscera tests.

There were more visible symptoms leading to suspicion of an unnatural death. One was that his body (the visible part, like the face) had turned blue.

Mr Shastri died at around 2:00 AM in early morning in Tashkent on 11th Jan. His body was in India by around 10:00 AM. In this gap of eight hours, the visible part (face) it had turned blue. Now January is winter in Tashkent as well as India so decomposition is not a serious possibility. In any case care would have been taken to cool while transporting. So turning blue is not a normal event as far as I (a layman, non-medico) can think. Body turning blue seems to be enough reason to have a post-mortem, which was not done.

There are some statements that there were injury marks and/or blood stains, but I am not sure and would have to look up the evidence available on internet.
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