Do you believe in life after death?

Do you believe in life after death?

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    Votes: 87 39.9%
  • No

    Votes: 91 41.7%
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Other Australian cases of supposed reincarnation (intriguingly mysterious whatever one thinks of the matter):



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I tend to see kindness and the pursuit of understanding as inherent virtues, ..
That is very nice, Haakbus. This rule is created by the society so that we all can live in peace. Existence of a God is not necessary for this.
I suspect that you don't have much knowledge of biology, because what you have posted confirms the very point that I was making! They systematically altered particular features in the coding of the DNA, they didn't 'create' new DNA as the newspaper report suggested. Nobody can create a wholly new complement of DNA for any organism.
First thing. I doubt if your reading is correct. And saying that it cannot ever be done is like saying humans cannot go to Moon. They have already done that.


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When I gave the three examples of persons seeing the dead / about to die people, they were not dreaming. If at all they were hallucinating, my point was why the hallucinations were about dead people or an about to die person. In case of the sick lady she was surprised to see her sister and did not know that the sister had died already. Nowhere dreaming was involved.
I always have to start with dreaming. Then only, proceed to hallucination. To make things simpler for you to follow.

But you always still lose your way around in following what I want to say. I have to keep repeating myself. When someone is dreaming, OR someone is hallucinating, what they see during EITHER experience is NOT real. So it CANNOT be 'proof' of anything. They are just dreaming or halllucinating, whichever is the case.

I even gave you the example of the murdered close friend for you. And still you obviously lose your way. Whether someone is dreaming, or someone is hallucinating, what they 'see' is not real. Note that have put the word 'see' in inverted commas. I hope you get it this time.
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