Do you consider Greece and Romania part of the Balkans?

Do you consider Greece and Romania part of the Balkans?

  • Yes, both Greece and Romania

  • Only Greece

  • Only Romania

  • No, neither Greece nor Romania

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Mar 2018
It's not an odd thing at all. See, there are no ethnic minorities in greece (!) The definition of being greek there is to speak greek and belong to the greek orthodox church.

Giannis is pronounced yanis in greek. It's not the italian dzhani pronunciation. Greeks usualy can't say dzh.
Unlike "northern Macedonians", Roman Catholic Greeks, along with evangelical and paganists exist. And even though it's kinda irrelevant to the issue, in many local dialects (like Cretan) giannis was pronounced "tzanos".. it has to do with the 700 years that we didn't share all with you, as at least Venetians, franks, Bavarians etc passed from here as well since 1204 :D

As for the first paragraph and "being orthodox to be Greek" and other stuff being spread by nationalists from Balkan nationalists, moderators banned me (i guess the specific user as well) for "insulting other countries"

Are moderators watching this time? Just asking because i am not here to repeat the same process, but i can't just watch nationalistic myths from countries that never experienced enlightenment (due to extended ottoman rule till 1912) being spread about my country, and do nothing

So, let me see if I got this right:

In a history forum, you state an odd thing, you don’t have source, you blame the EU and Germany, and your prove is the fact that some “yannis” didn’t deny it.

Got it!
You are in a thread about Balkan. With such a behavior of others here i think that you and anyone else now understands the difference between Greece and south Balkans, and why other than geography we don't see ourselves as part of the specific area, right?
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