Do you have nicknames for Historical Figures.

Jan 2017
Italy, EU
Mussolini's mistress called him "Ben" in various letters. Right now people often call him "LVI" (Italian "HE" in roman capital letters), mostly as a joke.

Giuseppe Garibaldi may be called Beppe.

Victor Emmanuel III is "sciaboletta" (little sword).

Giulio Andreotti, former Italian PM, often nicknamed the "Divo" (double meaning: "Divine" but also "Celibrity").

Then you have all sort of derogatory nicknames, but I won't put them here.
Oct 2018
New Jersey
I call Stalin Mama Bear’ sometimes. I also call Chuck Schumer ‘Chuckie Brown’ but that isn’t historical.


Ad Honorem
Jul 2014
Lower Styria, Slovenia
I sometimes call Hitler Hičo or Higgy, I've heard some call him Dolfe or Dolfi too. Maria Theresa - Treza, but that's a rare one with me.

Oh, and Bob Mugape (Robert Mugabe).