Do you have nicknames for Historical Figures.

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Feb 2016
Nappy? I tend to use that when I'm riled up by the man.
I’m a member of a wargaming forum.
A boorish and rather humorless poster there who fancies himself as an expert on Artillery and is a rabid Francophile author. He in truth is a hypocritical devotee of Elting and doesn’t wargame, but he has been ran out of town on several serious history boards. He once claimed it is incorrect and insulting to refer to Boney by his surname as monarchs are referred to by the first name. Naturally i kept to Bonerparte/Boney.
May 2017
When me and some others were working on an essay about the Severan dynasty someone found it too hard to call the 4 women of the dynasty (who all share the "Julia" nomen) with their cognomen so we basically numbered them. "Julia 1", "Julia 2", etc. from oldest to youngest while we were working


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Aug 2015
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He's not dead quite yet
What difference does it make? He was born in 1921 to a royal family 92 years ago, fought in World War II that ended 74 years ago, married in 1947 72 years ago, and has been a famous person ever since, including 52 years that are before the 20 years in the past cut off for being historical in this site. If Prince Philip did anything worthy of being considered historical in the 78 years he was alive before 1999, he counts as a historical person who is still alive.

IN anothe example of a historical person who is still alive, actor and singer Corey Feldman (born July 16, 1971) might object to being considered historical, but he started to become famous as a child and a teenage actor. Generations of kids have become child and teenage actors since Corey Feldman was young enough to be considered a kid, and present day child actors might think of Corey Feldman as a historical predecessor as awesomely remote as Donald Trump might think of George Washington or Abraham Lincoln.

Anyway I gave Corey Feldman a private nickname of "Gory Corey" long before the 20 years cut off for counting as historical on this site. He played Regi Tower in the Bad News Bears television series in 1979-80. In one episode the father of a girl Regi liked said that he didn't want her hanging out with a car thief. The kids told the puzzled coach Buttermaker that was how they ended up in their school, they were all car thieves except for Ogilvie who used a computer to embezzle $ 50,000.00. It seemed dangerous for any of the kids to drive a car, but Regi was so short I found it hard to believe any child that size could keep his feet on the pedals and his eyes above the dashboard at he same time. Thinking how dangerous it would have been for him to drive at his size, I gave Feldman the nickname of "Gory" Corey Feldman years before he acted in any horror movies.
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Oct 2014
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Boudicca= Bodacious
Putin= Pooting
Trump= Snatch grabber
Obama= Glock grabber
Clinton=Slick Willie
Nixon= Tricky Dickie
My father a very, very, minor historical character as one of the founding fathers of NASCAR whose real first name was Cleitus was always, even on his tombstone called Dobe, I have no idea how he got this name or what it means? If anyone knows the meaning of Dobe, please enlighten me?