Do you prefer the social or military aspects of history?

Jun 2015
The Former British Empire
Title says it all- do you prefer the social or military aspects of history? I say social- but I appreciate a good battle!! And some of my favorite historical figures were great military tacticians, and are so for that reason...


Historum Emeritas
Oct 2009
Both, more or less equally actually. I find myself drifting closer to the social aspect as I get older, though.


Ad Honorem
Oct 2011
Gwendraeth Valley, Carmarthenshire, Wales.
Loved battles only as a child but later mainly social history. However hope to read shortly a couple of books from the library on Waterloo which I visited in the 1990s.
Apr 2016
A mix of both actually as I like to read of personal accounts from military battles, or how they affected the noble and common grunt alike. WW1 is a ''goldmine'' in that regard.
Dec 2015
The Balkans
When I was younger I preferred reading about the battles, the military etc. and now I'm more interested in social, political and ideological aspects of history.

Space Shark

Ad Honorem
Mar 2012
Redneck Country, AKA Texas
The two get intertwined so often in my research that it's hard not to appreciate both.

Lord Oda Nobunaga

Ad Honorem
Jan 2015
Ontario, Canada
All these perspectives of history are important and at times contribute to the other. That said I find social history to be extremely boring or at times irritating and hard as hell to understand why a certain person or movement did what it did. Military history is just awesome though and far more interesting and engaging in my opinion.


Ad Honorem
Dec 2014
Military aspect.. Who is the owner of the Battlefields, he is the owner of the Earth.
Aug 2012
Social. War is a foolish endeavour - and the only good I can see from it is the art it inspires, from suits of armour to great tapestries, to stories and song.
But social history, folklore, mythology, religion, politics, I find that infinitely more intriguing.