Do you really want to live forever?

Feb 2011
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And ever, and ever...

"Daly is said to have yelled, "Come on, you sons of bitches, do you want to live forever?" to the men in his company prior to charging the Germans during the Battle of Belleau Wood in World War I."

Daniel Daly - Wikipedia

One of my mates passed away a year or two ago, he was just a bit older than me and a larger than life character. He was a big guy, uncouth, rotten and a scoundrel. He would also speak his mind to anyone without any filter, which led to a few entertaining scenarios.

In my hedonistic youth he was a major figure in our gang of cronies and we would regularly go out partying on spectacular benders. One time I woke up in a bush outside the pub after a mad night. Another time in my mate's garden, draped in a union jack, wearing makeup and with curry stains everywhere. I also vaguely recall lying in the gutter outside the local church whilst dressed as a Catholic priest. We went to Canterbury once too and accidentally ended up in a gay bar.

The last time I saw him he lured my friends into a seedy strip club, naturally I didn't go. He was kind enough to buy one of my friends a lap dance and my friend, being more partial to the petite types and expecting a dainty maiden, ended up being entertained by a rather more voluptuous lady. It was extremely awkward apparently, and no doubt my mate took great delight in it.

Then unfortunately he passed. I was never that close to him, but every time I wander round the local area or spend time with my other friends I expect to see his cocky smile, he appeared indestructible.

Given the opportunity, would you live forever?

I think 500-1000 years might be alright, that would give me enough time to read, study and travel. I'd have to have people I care about with me though and still have good health. Work seems rather a waste of precious living time.


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Jul 2014
Lower Styria, Slovenia
It's always sad when young people pass. One of the guys I went to primary school together hanged himself last year. 22, the prime of his life ...

Anyways, how did you imagine this living forever? Do you stay eternally young too or do you age slowly or something? I think living forever would bring you a lot of pain as everyone you formed any kind of relationship with would die and this would be one of the few constants throughout your existance. If I had some sort of timeless companion like me, it'd be easier. But having to tolerate someone for all eternity would sooner or later probably become a huge pain the bum, unless you walk away for some time every now and then.

I'd take some 1000 years like you, why not, but real eternity ... who knows if it's fun or not.
Feb 2019
Laniakea Supercluster
No, the maximum amount of time I’d want to live to is 200 years. Though I rather live between 90 and 120 years.
Jan 2010
Atlanta, Georgia USA
No, the maximum amount of time I’d want to live to is 200 years. Though I rather live between 90 and 120 years.
Namaka, you may reconsider that when you reach 80 or so. I certainly don’yt want to live forever. Ted Turner once said that life only becomes fun when you internalize the fact that you won’t live forever. There are many things worse than death.


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Jan 2017
after a full life , living forever present little interest
one's world has changed , there is little delight in experiences , they have a rare savor when done for the first time
discovery is rare and one do tend to become jaded about people
this is well one should live fully , and then retire from the unfeeling world
Aug 2015
You may live forever, but the Earth won't. What would you do when all there is is the void of space? I guess sooner or later someone will find a way of giving us replacement bodies, or somehow transferring our conciousness into a virtual reality universe. There's an episode of Black Mirror where this happens.
Jan 2017
Only if I lived in an Ivory Tower with endless cash, unlimited experience and eternal good health.

Seeing all your loved ones dying out, having to make new friends in an ever-changing society would become disheartening every 60 years or so.
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Feb 2011
I am reminded of a quote from Dr Who.
DOCTOR: Hang on. Is it you? Am I back on Karn? You're the Sisterhood of Karn, Keepers of the Flame of utter boredom.
OHILA: Eternal life.
DOCTOR: That's the one.

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