Do you think Ancient Egypt is overrated?

May 2018
On earth.
Ancient Greece was a lot more important to the development of modern society than the ancient Germans, or ancient Estonians or Finn's, which is why we spend more time studying them. You study what is most important to explain how the world got to where it is, and, no.disrespect to the Poles or Russians intended, the ancient Poles, Russians were just not as important as the ancient Greeks. You can't study everything, so you concentrate on the most important things, unless you are a specialist.

Ancient Egypt was far more important to the history of most of us than what was happening in Nigeria at the time, and other places of Africa. Directly, or indirectly, Egypt had an influence on world history that these other African places did not.

Yes it is fair, because we study history not so to figure out the history of other people, but our own.and the state of the world. Egypt plays a bigger role in that. To fully understand why we use English instead of Yoruba for international air traffic, you need to understand how Western Civilization developed, and Egypt plays a significant role in that, which is one of the reasons we study Ancient Egypt. Yes, the history of Zimbawe is very interesting, and worthy of study, but we only have so much time and resources, and what was happening there in ancient times did not have the same kind of effect on world history as ancient Egypt. If I had to choose, and most do, I would pick ancient Egypt to study.

Actually, ancient Egypt did influence the ancient Greeks and therefore modern Western Civilization. Not as much as the Greeks directly, but some. According to Plato, the story of Atlantis was told to him by an Egyptian Priest, and much of the imagery of the Virgin Mary came from the imagery of the Egyptian goddess ISIS. The alphabet is have been developed by Semites working for the Egyptians who were inspired by Egyptian writing. The Nsibidi writing is very interesting, but it wasn't as important to the history of world.writing scripts as Egyptian.
I'm too lazy to quote specific regions, so instead, I'll quote your entire post.

a) I agree that the Greeks hold more importance in the history of the western world than say, Ancient Wagadou (Ghana). But the history of Ancient Ghana sure as heck holds significance in the history of West Africa. It's not less valuable at all, just less valuable to you. Just like how the history of the Aztec is less valuable to a Malian than a Meso American.

b) I never was even arguing about the importance of African history, so I don't see why it was brought up to be honest, I was arguing about the importance of Egypt in the study of African History. And in this situation, the civilizations of Mali, Ashanti, Benin, Zimbabwe, or whatever else hold much more historical significance to a West African, or Southern African, than the history of Egypt, who still, despite this, dominates.

c) Though I wasn't originally arguing this, the influence of African societies and cultures is actually very strong in our western world. We all know that African Americans birthed many of our modern music Genres, from Rap, to Blues, to Jazz, to even Rock and Roll, and have, with that, influenced many other genres like Country, or Pop. Yet, many of these blacks came from somewhere, yes? Isn't it possible that it was that culture that caused that music? Jazz and Blues find their deepest roots in Sahelian music, for example. Even other things outside of music. Our art. Picasso himself once stated he drew partial influence from those of the Congo region. The idea of a Zombie came from Haitian slaves, and I believe that the breakfast burrito came from the kingdom of Kongo (though I may be false on that claim). It goes and on, and on, and on.
These african societies are also (regrettably) the reason why one of the biggest demographics in the Americas exists there. I'd argue that they're pretty important ;).
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It's possible for something or some culture to not really be overrated, while other things, or other groups/cultures, are somewhat underrated. The two statements can be true at the same time. It's not either/or.
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It's possible for something or some culture to not really be overrated, while other things, or other groups/cultures, are somewhat underrated. The two statements can be true at the same time. It's not either/or.
Thanks. That's what I *SHOULD* have said to start with.

Other African civilizations are underrated.